Episode 1: What I Wish My Parents Knew

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The Careers Department

Oct 13, 2019 — 1 min read
What I Wish My Parents Knew: Episode One

What I Wish My Parents Knew: Episode One

By Samantha Devlin and Sarah Warmoll


This episode is a great step one for parents of children that feel indecisive about their career path. They’ve been told to follow their passion, but they don’t feel especially passionate about anything. They’ve been told to let their strengths guide them, but they’re not sure what they’re best at. They may have felt they had answers in the past, but they’ve changed and they’re no longer sure of where they’re going.

This week we interview Kathryn Taylor. Kathryn has 20 years’ experience in education & corporate advisory and human resources.

What you can expect:

Part one: How to know where to start with career conversations.

-Should you let your child’s favourite subject drive their course selection process

-Using the example, “I like maths,” how can you help your child better reflect on using subjects as a compass.

-What are they key questions to ask your child?

Part two: Are double degrees the way of the future?

-What are common double degree combinations?

-Are they ‘worth it’?

-Is industry demanding for dual skills, or is it a university money-maker?

Part three: Working during year 12 and university

-Pro and con debate, and how to know what is right for your child.

Part four: ATAR 

-What does it actually mean?

-Why is ATAR still a compass for career advisory?

If you want to get in contact with Kathryn, http://www.turningpointconsulting.com.au/

Podcast: What I Wish My Parents Knew
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