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The Careers Department normally costs $45 for you and your first child (and a further $20 per additional child). However, to do our part in supporting parents with home learning during this time we are now offering free access to the program for parents and their children for 30 days.

You will not be asked for your credit card details. This is us giving you access to the program, purely with the incentive to help you and your child.

Who is The Careers Department for?

Making careers decisions is hard; it’s hard to know where to even start working out what you like, let alone knowing which course or pathway is best to get you there. That’s why it’s a conversation that needs to start in Year 8, not just in Year 12.

This product is useful for parents of children aged 14 – 19; as well as for the parents of children who have graduated high school and are still navigating their next.

We can’t wait to work with you over the next 30 days.

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